Alina Adams

Alina Adams is the New York Times best-selling author of Oakdale Confidential, which one  reviewer called “a true soap opera style murder mystery without the months of angst waiting on the killer to be found.”

Alina is a soap opera insider and a pioneer in online storytelling. She was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated with her parents to the U.S. at age seven, where she learned English by watching American soap operas at their home in San Francisco.

Her most recent book is Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga, the first of a series of e-books to be released monthly, intriguingly written by both Alina and her readers.

What are you reading right now? Why?

“I can never read only one book at a time, so, as of this very moment, I am reading What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell because I love his combination of anecdotes, statistics, and obscure information (and because, I must admit, he confirms a lot of my opinions on how the world works).

Also Second Act Trouble: Behind the Scenes at Broadway’s Big Musical Bombs by Steven Suskin, because I find other people’s creative process, whether ultimately succesfull or not, fascinating, and because I’m a musical theater geek.

And finally, Reel v. Real: How Hollywood Turns Fact into Fiction by Frank Sanello, for its perfect intersection for my love of narrative, history, and nitpicking.

It’s funny, when it comes to books, I write primarily fiction, but I read mostly non-fiction these days.”

What was the last astounding book you read?

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science by Mary Roach. Her narrative voice is funny without being snarky and informative without being tedious or preachy.  She asks questions everyone wishes they had not only the balls, but the brains, to ask, and brings to light things imperative to know as part of the human condition, yet ones that people never think to seek out.  Thank goodness there’s Ms. Roach to do it for us.”

What is your genre of choice? Has it always been the same?

“I moved out of kids books pretty early, skipped YA entirely (even as a teen I thought teens were overly sensitive drama queens who didn’t understand what real hardship in life was) and went straight into that most realistic of genres: multi-generational pot-boilers (at least those overly sensitive drama queens earned their angst).

I read women’s fiction through most of high-school, added mystery, but of the Barbara Vine / Jonathan Kellerman variety, basically multi-generational pot-boilers with a dead body to kick things off, in college, went through a brief Mommy Lit phase when my children were younger and finally landed, as I said above, in narrative non-fiction.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sidney Sheldon. Belva Plain. Leon Uris. The more overwrought and dramatic, the better.”

What writer or book has most inspired your own writing?

George Orwell. He can say more in fewer words than any writer I’ve read. Animal Farm doesn’t have so much as an excess syllable in it, and yet he says everything there is to say on the subject.”

Anything else?

“If you like narrative stories with facts and figures that contradict common wisdom, the authors of Freakanomics have a blog. Go read it. Now.”

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