Timebenders Author Jim Denney

Timebenders Author Jim Denney

Over a thirty-year career, Jim Denney has written more than a hundred books for various publishers—fiction and nonfiction, for young readers and adult readers, as both a sole author and a co-writer. He has worked with leaders and celebrities in many fields, including Orlando Magic cofounder Pat Williams, political communicator Michael Reagan, Super Bowl champion Reggie White, supermodel Kim Alexis, actress Grace Lee Whitney, and many others.

Jim is the author of the four-book Timebenders science fantasy series for young readers. The Timebenders books were first published in 2002, and Jim has recently revised and updated the Timebenders series for reissue by Greenbrier Books.

Here, Jim talks about his reading choices and what inspires him to write.

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JH-ReynoldsFrom what I’m told, J.H. Reynolds has lived an interesting life.

His answers below convey as much, as does his four-part middle school fantasy fiction series The Octobers. Each book is told from a different character’s perspective during the same October timespan as they work to solve the mystery of the Vanishing.

“In the town of Hobble, October never ends. As soon as Hallows Eve is over, the calendars turn back to October 1st, and the enchanted wonders begin again.”

J.H. reportedly lives behind a waterfall deep in the Lostwood, with his mounds of books. He is currently building a treehouse empire with his old mentor, Gimble, where all his friends can one day live. He spends most of his time exploring the forest or paddling down the Midnight River, looking for new adventures. On festival occasions, he visits Hobble, usually staying at the Candletin Inn with the Jarmans, at the Museum Of Wonders with the Cricklewoods, or at his good friend Craig Cunningham’s house.

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